Some older (drawing) works

Earlier today, I stumbled upon my old sketch book (1996-2004)
Much to my delight!

Here are some of the works I’ve done:

Portrait of a boy (unfinished; pencil on paper)

A Landscape study (Pencil on paper)

A Landscape study (pencil on paper)





The Mermaid (pencil on paper)

Study of a foal (pencil on paper)

Study of a foal (pencil on paper)

These challenges…

So there I am…again.

Craving for a moment,
Where the second stands still,
Day no longer awaits for the night,
Everything… paused.

No dramas.

It is, not so.
Day in, day out,
I ask myself:
How about me and just the sea of creativity?

Love Lego?


Acrylic on 24x36 in stretched canvas

The colorful bricks.
The play. Creation. Creativity.

I was curious.
And so here it is.
An unconscious inspiration, after a two-day building Lego series 10225.
The cult robot, R2-D2.

Mr Hyde…at work?


My brain must be playing me…
I saw, better yet, created this image while at work earlier today.
I came home.
Rested. Ate my dinner, spiked with a glass of wine.
Then I started to work.
Interestingly, although similar, THIS wasn’t what I imagined…

What have I created?

Imagined vs. reality.
Thought of vs. acted upon.
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

Window of Opportunity


I had no plan.
I just “do it”
(maybe more toward, I had to do it…)

What do you see?

A Simple Pleasure, is a Must!


Mixed media on 7"x 9.5" canvas paper

I am doing what the “Doctor has ordered.”
I attend the limitless joy I get from releasing my creative energy.
I prioritize the paper, ink, paint, and tools to paint.
I savor just that hour to do the most pleasurable.
Something that matters,
A simple pleasure,
For my soul…

I am RAW!!!

October 19, 2013. Just days after the big day in the Australian history: Andrew and Nicola Forrest (one of the richest there) made the largest single philanthropic gift (read more about it here) – after months and months of hard work to prepare for this – I made my debut as a “RAW artist.” A natural born artist!

Check out their website and who we are here:

Sometimes ago I stumbled across this organisation, who promotes artists from any field, of any genre. I love the idea. I support their cause. I joined. I waited. And…I waited. (They were in the process of recruiting a show director for my area.) 

I waited some more…

Then, sometimes mid September, I got the notification that I would be showcased in the next Perth event!! The first RAW event in the city ever, actually. It was called, RAW: Translations. Check out my artist’s graphic:


And here were my 2012-2013 works that got showcased:


Want to see more from the night? Check out the photos, here

Yes, I got photographed. Interviewed and videoed. Spot interviewed by the MC, Ginger La Minge. Met other artists. Exposed my works. And I did say, “You’ll see more of me in the next five years!”

Big Egos…and the lay people

Big Egos...and the lay people

“In the Land of the Giants” – Acrylic on 24 x 24 in stretched canvas

I know I’ll get there at the end!
And so, here it is:
My expression of big egos.

(The photo probably don’t do justice…)

A closer look?




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