Rare Breed

Anyone care to join me to celebrate one’s own uniqueness?

I have accepted that I am indeed, a rare breed. And that’s perfectly fine. I neither suit any classification nor do I belong to a specific group. I can adapt. I can be with anyone. I can belong in any classification or group I choose to be. But I’d rather be myself. An authentic me.

I grew up believing that I need to belong to a specific group. To be with a specific peer. To do something of what-most-people-do. To be either a “left brainer” or “right brainer.” But, I can be both. I can do what not-most-people-do. I can be with different peers.

Am I psychologically disturbed?

Maybe. But maybe not.

I’m a scientist. A manager. That’s me on daytime.

I’m an artist. A photographer. A designer of my creativity. That’s me, for the rest of the time, whenever I can.

In between, I squeeze in my passion for performance cars. Daydreaming of driving a maroon colored R-35 GT-R, one day! Going back to a rally race track, someday!

I do not see the need to be one or the other. To have passion for one but not the other.

I am unique. Anyone else with me?


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