A little experiment (and then some…)

A little experiment (and then some...)
“Seeking Balance” – acrylic and impasto on 12 x 24″ canvas

This work was something entirely new for me to try:
Step 1. Applied impasto and using palette knife, create texture – let dry.
Step 2. Applied Titanium White rather evenly – let dry.
Step 3. Applied primary and a couple of secondary colors in rectangular shapes to cover canvas – let dry.
Step 4. Applied secondary and a couple of primary colors in rectangular shapes to some areas – let dry.
Step 5. Applied Lamp Black to create frames to selected areas – let dry.
Step 6. Cover with Titanium White, leaving out original areas where frames were made.

Six steps, two weeks to complete (as I could only spare an hour or two in the evening), and I had too much fun!

Art is good for one’s soul…


3 comments on “A little experiment (and then some…)

  1. Experimenting is such great fun, and opens so many ideas. Much better than playing it safe, I’ve found. By the way – I love the Paul Klee quote at the top of your blog! Thanks for posting and visiting my blog.

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