Experiencing Museum of Modern Art in Perth!

On top of my list today was to visit the “Van Gogh, Dali and Beyond: The World Reimagined” exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. I must admit, it’s really amazing for Perth to host a series of collections from Museum of Modern Art in New York. Once I entered that door to the exhibition room, I was positively overwhelmed. So much creative energy… it was beyond description!

This exhibition series particularly interests me, and I owe that to the art gallery for bringing one of Joan Miro’s still life work, “Glove and Newspaper” – (I should have brought my Canon 5D instead! Apology – the picture just don’t do justice!)

In this lifetime, that I get to see Miro’s work: I’m blessed!!




I didn’t go alone, though. I pretty much “drag” our little one with me, and gave him an assignment: draw the paintings that he liked most. On this trip, he stopped to draw the works from Allan D’Arcangelo, Paul Klee (YAY!!), and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. A couple of shots of the day:

Sat01 Sat02


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