The Fighter Prepares


I was about but few inches away from the ring.
Our son’s club, the Seishin Martial Arts and Fitness Academy, hosted an Inter-Club Sparring day.
Where many martial arts athletes demonstrated their skills.

And there I was again…
Exploring another “new” photographic event.

I had no idea what or how it was going to be.
From this experience, I gathered, these are essential to have on the day!

  1. Fast memory cards – or suffer the lag from snapping one frame to another in multi-shot settings (or sports setting)
  2. Two cameras, one with telephoto lens, the other with wide – make sure settings are set to go
  3. A good spot and sprinkle salt around you if you must, so the other viewers don’t elbow you in the excitement of the fight
  4. A strong stomach in cases of bloody fights! (Although it was a friendly match, some did take it a step further…)

More action shots coming your way…


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