I am RAW!!!

October 19, 2013. Just days after the big day in the Australian history: Andrew and Nicola Forrest (one of the richest there) made the largest single philanthropic gift (read more about it here) – after months and months of hard work to prepare for this – I made my debut as a “RAW artist.” A natural born artist!

Check out their website and who we are here: http://www.rawartists.org/

Sometimes ago I stumbled across this organisation, who promotes artists from any field, of any genre. I love the idea. I support their cause. I joined. I waited. And…I waited. (They were in the process of recruiting a show director for my area.)

I waited some more…

Then, sometimes mid September, I got the notification that I would be showcased in the next Perth event!! The first RAW event in the city ever, actually. It was called, RAW: Translations. Check out my artist’s graphic:


And here were my 2012-2013 works that got showcased:


Want to see more from the night? Check out the photos, here.

Yes, I got photographed. Interviewed and videoed. Spot interviewed by the MC, Ginger La Minge. Met other artists. Exposed my works. And I did say, “You’ll see more of me in the next five years!”


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