In sum, the past three years…

I found it hard to believe that it has taken this long to update my journey!

But it has…

I can list the hundreds of reasons, but let’s focus on what is more important: I have not stopped creating despite the lack of posting. I had my fun exploring another avenue to express my creativity: doodling. Lots of doodling (no painting). And then some photography works on the side.

To keep me sane.

I’ll post some of the previous works soon, but for now, I thought I share this date: Saturday, June 17, 2017. An ordinary Saturday to many as it may, but it was a significant date for my journey as an artist!

I have been questioning my artistic style for the longest time. For my drawing and painting, to be exact. (Since early 1990’s!!) I am well aware that I was jumping from one style to another. Although it was a good learning curve, it was… very frustrating.

But the day finally arrived! (Thanks to a good long break from day-time work, too.)

As I poured the paint, sprayed with water, guided the flow; I was lost in…me. This was a risky experience for me, as I had to leave it to chance for my work to reveal itself. There was no brush nor knife to mold the paint into a shape, or a mixture, on the canvas. Scary, but I was…satisfied! I was finally comfortable with what it is I am creating.

A little peak; and more to come…

“I had a lightbulb moment” (40x80cm) Acrylic on canvas



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