First ever photography book with my son!

We didn’t quite plan to publish this book, but here it is!

That day, we had only planned to go out and explore Araluen Botanical Park and take some photos around the park. My 10-year-old put out a fight about going there at first but was really in his element once we began the photo shoot. He looked so very comfortable with his Canon EOS 700D. He knew which (pre)setting he should use, picked the subjects and figured out the angles he liked.

Some of his photos, (with minimal post production!):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I was editing my bunch, I thought it would have been wonderful to publish these photos. Mainly because I believe it is an important experience for my son: getting a publication – and this is the former academic in me talking – and to share to the world our collaborative project. Together. He was excited and enjoyed working with me in designing and editing the book.

Truly a precious experience!

The book can be viewed and purchased here.




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