Between painting and poetry

This is not recent news. 2013 was when the article was published and, of course, I just ran across it a few days ago. The original article can be found here.

The painter: Lawand from Syria. The poet: Pascale Petit. Their book, drawing by Lawand and poems by Pascale, is titled “Effigies.”

I have yet to own this book as it sounds purely amazing! Readers would be impressed to know that prior to this collaborative work: the two artists did not know each other prior to this project. And yet, their works combined, it is hard to tell who inspired who.

Lawand’s paintings and drawings, for me, are so gripping. Compelling. Spell-binding even. His tales of human experience are almost too real, in their abstract way. The dark background. The elongated effigies with faceless heads.

If you’re to google his works, use the search term “Lawand Syrian artist” – I’ve tried others and was not getting the right hit :/


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