A Beauty Everlasting


Your precious look.
Your unique genetic make-up.
Who can compare?
You have a purpose.
Steady in your way.
As I share this journey,
Allow me to devour this moment.
To breathe in your beauty.

Curiosity pays a lesson learned


Plasticine on 210X297mm canvas paper

And so…
I blanked out.
No idea how else to channel my creative energy, just before going to bed.
The plasticine was about an inch away.
My head, full on engaged.
And so I present to you, a little experiment.

Escaping from Today!!

What else can I say?
I find it easier to hide behind my camera.
To remain unrecognised. Unidentified. (Except for “that person behind the camera.”)

The privilege that comes from hiding behind my gear?
Observing beauty, un-judged.
In silence, with my own thought. My own perception. My own prejudice.

Another reality is just around the corner.

Escaping from Today!!

Strapped to a Journey


Every day brings its own story
Every day we continue on a journey
What did the wise men said?
Happiness is a journey not a destination?
(Maybe it should be ‘the’?!)


Sad to see,
Much creative energy, strapped.
But as the ink speaks,
What is said is done.
Imagination released.
Freedom embraced…


Not quite noon…and yet…

Five hours of sleep on a weekend,
And I bid my farewell to this older painting:

White paint to cover,
Palette knives,
Other colors and…

Done before noon!

Flowing Flower

Acrylic on 24 x 24 in stretched canvas

A closer look on the different parts of the painting, perhaps? 

Flowing Flower3

Flowing Flower1

Flowing Flower2

What do you think?

Keeping up… (I am trying!)

Another long absence.
I know. Inconsistency. Lack of persistence.
I only have me to hold that responsibility.

Leaving my creative energy, contained, unexplored.
My imagination, starved, chained.
I thought: that’s not an option!

So, with the limited time and energy I had (after a long day-time work and mother/wife role),
I picked up my pencil, pen, sketching book.
Lost in time. In contemplation.
Here are the closest to my desire, to free the artist in me. (Dated from the 06-15 August.)

(Obviously, Zentagle-motivated!)

Keeping up... (I am trying!)

Sigma pen, pencil, on paper – “A Privilege” (06 Aug 2013)

Sigma pen, pencil, on paper, "Sharing"

Sigma pen, pencil, on paper, “Sharing”

Sigma pen, pencil, on paper, "Determined"

Sigma pen, pencil, on paper, “Determined”

Sigma pen, pencil, on paper, "Imagined"

Sigma pen, pencil, on paper, “Imagined”

Sigma pen, pencil, on paper, "Be the Light"

Sigma pen, pencil, on paper, “Be the Light”

Sigma pen, pencil, on paper, "Ecstasy"

Sigma pen, pencil, on paper, “Ecstasy”

Leave Me Hanging

Leave Me Hanging

This was a work by Kathy Allam, as exhibited at the Sculpture by the Sea 2013 in Cottesloe beach.
“Happy Floating Dream Cloud” as it is called.

I was motivated to snap it a different angle. A different perspective.


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